Three Red Hot Chilean Peppers and a Moroccan Krasiva



July 31, 2002 at Topanga Beach was a memorable day. The surf was big, dad was visiting from Lebanon, and I met these gorgeous 17 year old girls. I was in heaven... From left to right: Daniela (Chile), Dina (Morocco), Macarena (Chile), and Francisca (Chile). To the right of Francisca you can see a small (fuzzy) surfer. Zenit TTL camera, Soligor 90/230 zoom lens, Kodak Gold 100 color film. More photos of these krasivas below.

Macarena Portrait

Dina Portrait

Daniela Portrait

Francisca Portrait

Dina Full

Macarena Full

Daniela Full

Daniela Pose

Dina Cross


Four Angels


Four Landscape


I had been told before that the women that come from Pablo Neruda's land are very beautiful. Today I was more and more convinced. Moroccan women, as all Arab and middle-eastern women, lack no praise... A warm thank you to these gorgeous girls for posing so beautifully...

This shows how diverse greater Los Angeles is - one of the distinctive features of this great city. In this melting pot I have met people from all parts of the world. Every country has a "little" capital city in Los Angeles: Little Tokyo, Little Saigon, China Town, Arab City (Anaheim), Little Armenia (Glendale), etc...



Rami E. Cremesti BS, MS - Photographer


"Shrine Tribute to Beautiful Women"

July 31, 2002 - Sherman Oaks, CA