East L.A. Latina

Late May, I was in East LA to see a photo exhibit of Armenian master photographer, Rafik Hambardzumyan. It was amazing... After I got out, I looked around and was over-whlemed with the street beauty of Santa Monica Blvd in the East LA district, across from the Western Ave. exit. I took position on that corner and I captured some beautiful moments.

On that corner, an old lady was selling cold, peeled fruit. Mangos and oranges for the most part. Something you see only in East L.A. I photographed her and her fruit cart... it was like a little oasis of taste and color in the dirty, grey, noisy street corner. Then pulls over this car with two sexy Latinas. I took this first shot, then when the fauve grabbed a piece with her claws... which was this second shot.


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